ADHD apps
Evernote: The ultimate note taking app, Evernote but you type, record, take a picture, and much more. You can then said a alarm for a day and time to remind you. Also has a desktop app that will sink to your mobile version.

OneTab: This one is for all you people like me who think they can multitask and have 20 tabs open in their browser at any given time. This app allows you to easily send all those open tabs (or just one or two) to a list of links, sorted by date. Saves memory and confusion!

Pocket: this app will allow you disablement page easily readable format complete with pictures and links to your mobile device.

LastPass: I can’t remember where I left my keys,  much less hundreds of website passwords.  Now I don’t have to with this app.

EasilyDo: Great app for syncing your calendar, email, upcoming meetings, maps and travel time, package tracking, even boarding passes.