Right at this moment 8-10 million adults are struggling with jobs, college, relationships, etc. It's adversely affecting their lives , and keeping them from reaching their full potential. They don't realize that they have ADHD.

ADHD is one of the most treatable psychiatric conditions in medicine. The treatments have proven to be very effective. In some cases lives are completely turned around for the better. The problem is: How does one get diagnosed for something they aren't aware they have? 

Sometimes a friend or relative recognizes ADHD in them. Other times, the person themselves seek help because their life seems to be falling apart and they don't know why. I finally realized I had ADHD via a book. At age 53 I read Dr. Hallowell's book Driven to Distraction. The stories of those who had struggled with ADHD sounded all too familiar. I only wish I had heard stories like those earlier in life. It was like someone gave me a special mirror that revealed ADHD.

Many of their lives were dramatically turned around once they were diagnosed. Through their stories, I discovered that I too had ADHD. It was like being handed the owners manaual to my brain. Now I had a clear path to managing my brain and having a better life. I had hope that things could be better.

There can't be enough books, films, Youtube channels, graphic novels, infographics, etc. educating people about ADHD. I believe together we will reach all 10 million eventually.

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ADHD story
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