Are You ADD?

Before I was Diagnosed.

  1. All those times I forgot my car keys were in my hand did not mean I'm stupid.
  2. Instead of getting angry when people assumed I was lazy, I can now understand their confusion.
  3. That picking arguments with my spouse was often a way I kept my frontal lobe active.
  4. When I lost jobs due to inattention, it was because I needed a better fit for my ADHD brain.
  5. When I "tried harder" and still failed, it was not my fault.  I needed treatment for ADHD.
  6. That is is OK to not be interested in certain subjects at school. Find the subjects you love.
  7. That one day , in the future, I'd find out I have ADHD.  So many things would be explained and the struggles I had while undiagnosed would only make me stronger in the end. Yes, I'm ADHD and life is good!

ADHD story
Your story has the power to help someone. Have you struggled with ADD or ADHD? Then we need you in this film.  contact:  documentary <at> areyouadd <dot> com