Are You ADD?

Before I was Diagnosed.

  1. All those times I forgot my car keys were in my hand did not mean I'm stupid.
  2. Instead of getting angry when people assumed I was lazy, I can now understand their confusion.
  3. That picking arguments with my spouse was often a way I kept my frontal lobe active.
  4. When I lost jobs due to inattention, it was because I needed a better fit for my ADHD brain.
  5. When I "tried harder" and still failed, it was not my fault.  I needed treatment for ADHD.
  6. That is is OK to not be interested in certain subjects at school. Find the subjects you love.
  7. That one day , in the future, I'd find out I have ADHD.  So many things would be explained and the struggles I had while undiagnosed would only make me stronger in the end. Yes, I'm ADHD and life is good!